Sunday, January 25, 2015

Flatbasset Radio: Episode #53 (Best Of 2014 - Radio K Song Of The Day)

It's happiness or bust...

Well hello again, podcast fans!  Welcome to Flatbasset Radio: Episode #53!

I'm a little late with this post, but it's still January, so it's still countdown season.

As you can probably tell from the title, I'm spending this week's show much like I spent last week's show: counting down free songs.  This time around I'm counting down the Top 10 songs given away by Radio K via their Song Of The Day podcast.

Along the way I discuss the differences between The Current's SOTD podcast & Radio K's, how to pronounce the word "Atlanta," how nostalgia can affect the way new music sounds, admit every 90's kid's lifetime devotion to The Rentals, mispronounce the word "Marcus" as "Allan" (sorry, Marcus), celebrate several of the best band's in the Twin Cities, and wrap it all up with a Flatbasset Flatclassic that doubles as my favorite local song of 2014!

As always, this episode is available to download or stream.  Just click the episode title below for a download link or click on the Mixcloud player below to stream.

Flatbasset Radio: Episode #53 (Best Of 2014 - Radio K Song Of The Day)

10. GOLD-BEARS - Yeah, Tonight
09. Armand Margjeka - Hummingbird
08. Floating Action - No Surprise There
07. Museum Mouth - Strange
06. Fishing - Chi Glow (w/Marcus Whale)
05. The Rentals - 1000 Seasons
04. Hollow Boys - Melted
03. Astronomique - Pretend We're Stars
02. Half Japanese - In Its Pull
01. Some Pulp - Oh Oh (Who's Cryin' Now)


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